Okul Öncesi Öğrencilerinde Akran Zorbalığı


  • Hatice ERDOĞAN Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı


This article attempts to explain the phenomenon of bullying in preschool children by focusing on emerging forms of antisocial and aggressive behavior. It underlines the criticality of implementing prevention and intervention programs at the pre-school stage and defines recommendations regarding the role of the educational institution in this context, based on the dissemination of these programs in pre-school education settings. Bullying in these environments often manifests as physical aggression, social exclusion, and the spread of rumors. Empirical studies generally show that physical aggression is common in boys, and relational and verbal aggression is common in girls. Preschool educators have an imperative role in recognizing and managing these forms of aggression, which necessitates their receiving special training. This training is required to meticulously evaluate each incident, foster a conducive learning environment, and implement effective strategies for preventing and intervening in peer bullying.
Keywords: Fight against peer bullying, preschool peer bullying, preschool



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