Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

1. International Journal of Original Educational Research is a scientific research journal established in 2023. The publication topics of the journal include research articles and scientific reviews in the field of educational sciences.
2. The journal publishes original scientific articles written in Turkish and English.
3. Articles submitted for publication are evaluated by national and/or international referees. The final decision on the article is made by the editor-in-chief.
4. The names of the referees who evaluate the articles are not disclosed to the authors (blind peer review). It is left to the author's preference for the reviewers to evaluate the articles without seeing the names of the authors (double-blind peer review). Authors who wish to use this preference should upload their manuscripts to the system by deleting the name and address lines.
5. Articles sent to referees are expected to be evaluated within 30-45 days. If this period is exceeded, the editors will send a message to the referees, and if they do not send a message, a new referee will be appointed.
6. The acceptance-rejection decision about the article is made by the editor-in-chief. Major (resubmit for evaluation) or minor (revision required) revision decisions are made for the articles that are not deemed sufficient in line with the referee suggestions. Articles that do not reach the desired level and are not deemed scientifically sufficient are rejected.
7. After the "revision required" decision, the author is expected to make the necessary changes within 30 days. Otherwise, the article will be rejected.
8. Articles submitted for publication must not have been published elsewhere or submitted to any journal for publication.
9. The full responsibility of the articles belongs to the respective authors. Manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with internationally recognized scientific ethical rules. If necessary, a copy of the Ethics Committee Report should be attached.
10. The Ethical Statement/Copyright Transfer Form signed by the authors of the articles accepted for publication in the journal must be uploaded to the system.
- Please see the main page to access the Ethical Statement/Copyright Transfer Form.
11. Articles submitted for publication in the journal should be prepared according to the journal article writing format.
12. Manuscripts submitted for review should be prepared according to the journal article writing format and should not exceed 25 pages.
13. For articles accepted for publication, the relevant author is given 30-45 days for "page editing" and 10-20 days for "proofreading". The articles of the relevant authors who do not return within these periods will be rejected.
Withdrawal of Articles
Articles can be withdrawn by the corresponding author at all stages before submission for publication. For this purpose, the corresponding author of the article scans a petition signed by all authors with their wet signatures and sends an e-mail to the editor-in-chief of the journal in PDF format. After the editor-in-chief and deputy editors approve the withdrawal request, they notify the corresponding author. On the other hand, unless the withdrawal request is approved, authors cannot submit their work to another journal for evaluation.