Writing Rules

International Journal of Original Educational Research is a peer-reviewed international journal with specific rules and responsibilities that authors must follow. The titles, contents, findings and interpretations of the articles are the sole responsibility of the authors. Published articles must be academically sound, scientifically valid and truly original, and the responsibility for this lies with the authors. Articles should not exceed 30 pages, excluding visuals such as appendices, and should be prepared in accordance with the format guidelines provided on the journal's website. Articles reviewed by the editorial board are sent to two reputable referees in their fields to decide whether the article should be published if they agree with each other. Articles that have been previously published elsewhere will not be considered and authors will not be paid royalties, as the journal does not pursue commercial purposes.

Authors are required to certify that the submitted article is free of plagiarism and keep the similarity rate below 20%. For articles with more than one author, the first author is considered the lead author unless otherwise stated. The journal is committed to promoting originality, academic integrity and rigorous scientific contributions in the field of educational research.